Tiny little utility to improve substantially the audio coming out of your PC
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Regardless of the external or internal speakers your PC or laptop has and regardless also of the quality of your gaming headsets, 3D bubbleSound can improve your listening experience effectively and substantially. Download the app, install it, click on the listening device you will be using, press the “On” button and you will find it hard to believe your ears. The audio coming out of your speakers or headphones will be so different to anything you’ve heard before that you will find it hard to believe your ears.

I have to admit that very few apps have had a similar effect on me. After trying all kinds of complex equalizers, audio enhancing tools, high-fidelity PC speakers, etc., nothing has changed my PC listening experience more than this tiny free application. It works like a charm, and you will need but a couple of minutes to have the whole thing set up. No fancy controls, no cryptic settings exclusive to audio connoisseurs, and no audio-engineer jargon – just an on/off button and three selectable audio devices. That is all you need to enjoy a whole new audio experience. You will be kept wondering how such an overwhelming new sound can come out of the same old speakers – turn 3D bubbleSound on and off a few times, appreciate the huge difference, and you will find it hard to live without this audio-enhancing utility ever again.

You will need to register this tool to enjoy its full potential, but you will get a free key just for the asking. One thing I would change though is the fact that you cannot exit the program – you can turn it on and off but you won’t be able to “close” the program no matter how. Not that you need or may want to exit 3D bubbleSound once you’ve tried it, but it helps you believe you are the one in control.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Adds a new dimension to the audio coming out of your PC
  • Home-cinema emulator
  • Substantially improves your listening experience


  • You are not allowed to exit the program
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